Towards a More Maintainable CSS

Or, what I learned from building our new Oozou website.

An intro to OTP in Elixir

In this installment in our series of introductory Elixir blog posts we'll convert the FizzBuzz server from last time into an OTP app.

Never Skip a Callback in Your Tests

What I learned tracking one hard-to-catch bug in our specs.

Exploring Elixir processes

In this blog post we'll look at processes in Elixir by turning the FizzBuzz example from last time into a simple server.

Adding per-tag Atom feeds to Middleman

Today we decided to add per-tag feeds to our blog. Middleman proved to be flexible enough to make this pretty easy.

The Art of MVP Testing

Testing to avoid a downfall

LOL Errors

A ruby gem to record your facial expressions when app errors occur during development

Working with Multiple Values in a Promise Chain using Stateful Context

When we do asynchronous operations involving multiple values or objects using promises, sometimes our code could become messy. This article proposes an approach that could make the code more clean.

Why we are excited about Elixir

After more than 3.5 years of work, the Elixir team released version 1.0.0 on September 18th 2014. Congrats guys!

CSS Oozou Logo

Our logo carefully crafted in CSS.

Online Banking sites suck.

It is a sad fact that most online banking sites are excruciatingly painful to use and generally make your eyes bleed.

A Warm Welcome

Welcome to our new blog.